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    Another inspiring Marburg wallpaper collection  

You know, sometimes great things just come in pairs. Take your slippers, for instance, or table tennis paddles. Sure, you could play hide and seek by yourself - but wouldn’t you lose some dramatic tension? Wallpaper, it seems, also breaks new ground when two great minds come to the party. The Zuhause Wohnen Collection is a great example, the birth child of an inspired collaboration between a leading interior design magazine and a world class manufacturer of wallcoverings. Together, they’ve produced a vivacious collection that will bring vitality to any room inhabited by the young at heart

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    Suprofil Vlies wallpaper from Marburg shapes your universe  

Sunday roast with all the trimmings? Lasagne like mamma used to make? Spicy Szechuan seafood piled high on jasmine rice? How about salted sardines served with a side of pickled cabbage? You won’t find all these succulent selections sitting on a single a la carte menu, so how do you satisfy a busload of appetites and stay within budget? It’s easy, you just cruise into a reputable buffet and load up those plates. But not all buffets are created equal, so when it comes to covering your walls you want to find the king of smorgasbords… the best all-you-can-eat spread in town. For range and value, you just can’t go past the Suprofil Vlies Collection by Marburg – there’s something for everyone

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    Newmor Oriel Fabric Backed Vinyl  
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    Patent Decor- Paint with Texture  

Paint –the arch enemy of intricate design – its flat block colour stretching around your walls like a huge monochrome squid. It’s smooth like a bowling ball, devoid of intrigue and soooooo very 1990’s. But if you have to paint, if this bizarre compulsion has got the better of you, there is salvation at hand. You can instantly lift your walls by applying Patent Décor, the fully paintable range of hearty textures and captivating patterns that deliver you safely out of the two dimensional world of flat colour.

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    Belbien commercial grade film for any surface  

Lab technicians are generally perceived as slick-haired nerds with pocket protectors, but every now and then those lovable eggheads throw us a real gem. Belbien is a breakthrough product that has slowly climbed to world fame since it was developed around the time of the Bay City Rollers. Belbien is an extraordinary architectural cladding, a superior vinyl laminate that can be used on internal or external surfaces. It is a perfect protective coating for literally hundreds of surfaces including internal doors, store fixtures, healthcare workstations, steel, glassboard and any building exterior that requires resistance to UV sunlight, rain, snow, ice, smog and other perils of nature.

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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