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When it comes to giving to your walls a fresh new look, it pays to be social. At Hume Internationale, we not only have a great range of wall coverings, we also have a team of experts who’d love to share their experience with you. These decorating diehards scour the globe for emerging trends and innovative designs that can add value to your next project. What’s more, they’ve gone social. That’s right, there’s a wealth of interesting material being flicked across cyberspace right now. So why not come along for the ride? Just choose your favourite social medium and swim in the warm waters of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You might just find the inspiration you need to totally transform your residential or commercial space.

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    Keep it simple - Strictly Stripes  

Stripes, are you NUTS? Didn’t they go the way of the dodo and free music downloads? Not on your life - sure they’ve being laying low for a while - but now this classic staple of interior design is making a huge comeback. It’s all thanks to an injection of fresh ideas and a great leap forward in manufacturing techniques that are giving you unprecedented choice in materials, textures and styles. Even better, this fabulous range of choice means that stripes are finding their way back onto walls in both classic and contemporary homes. They can be bold, they can be subtle, they can stand out like neon lights or melt away into a soft velvety mousse that exudes luxury. Whatever your game, do you dare to take on stripe? If so, you’ll be thrilled with the Strictly Stripes Collection by Rasch Textil.

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    Vogue commercial wallcoverings  

Commercial spaces demand a unique blend of style and durability, especially when it comes to walls. Let’s face it, people are messy. They spill coffee and cola on your walls, they lean on them, put their grubby heels on them. At times, they might gently caress them with their greasy fingertips or work up a rhythmic drumbeat to release some of their nervous energy. Nevertheless, we love our customers - even if they push our walls to the limit. But how do you find a product that not only brings style and sophistication to your walls, but also retains the toughness and resilience required in a commercial environment? It’s easy, just make a selection from the Vogue Collection by Newmor.

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    Hume Internationale saves the day  

The room is pitch black, only the echo of a dripping tap splits the silence. The walls are bare and cracked, bristling with a furry green mildew. Style and elegance have vanished from this place, only a motley collection of mismatched tones has survived. But there is hope in the darkness. Somewhere out there a superhero is circling, waiting to descend into renovating hell and unleash a special kind of magic that will wash all your troubles away. Is there such a force in today’s world? A company committed to finding innovative solutions for every challenge, a company willing to go the extra distance to ensure complete customer satisfaction? Yes, its name is Hume Internationale.

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    Wall Pops - one pop and you just can’t stop  

Wall Pops are fast, fun and fantastic. Just and peel and stick to create your own design combinations, it’s a great way to add a burst of colour and bring a distinctive style to any room. Choose from the dots-blox-stripes range, explore one of our wall art kits or get funky with an expressive dry erase kit. And if you change your mind or want to try out a new combination, just peel them off and add a fresh suite of stick-ons. It’s an exciting time to delve into our collection too, because Wall Pops has teamed up with red hot decorating trendsetter Jonathan Adler. Now there’s even more wonderful ways to bring joy into your home.

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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