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    Hume Internationale Wallcoverings a survivor in a tough industry  

Hume Internationale has been in the wallcovering business since 1971. Back then, things were very different. Evonne Goolagong and John Newcombe ruled Wimbledon. Billy McMahon took control of the country, whilst Ian Chappell took control of the baggy greens. The TV bristled with new talent as we watched Homicide, Get Smart, Hogan’s Heroes, Dad’s Army, The Partridge Family, Pick A Box and Young Talent Time. Eagle Rock was number one for 10 weeks, Olivia Newton John released her first album and John Farnham was a rising star. Greenpeace and Federal Express opened their doors and the world’s first microprocessor was launched. Movie goers flocked to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Fiddler On The Roof, A Clockwork Orange and Dirty Harry. The average wage was $6,497 and a bottle of Grange Hermitage cost around $7. Amidst all this commotion, Hume Internationale was born and continues to evolve today.

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    Dieter Langer’s ICON  

Your walls would love to let their hair down and zoom through the hills in a turbo charged monster machine, but how would the rest of your décor elements cope with this devil-may-care attitude? Would they prefer to stay on the back streets, steering a steady course through a labyrinth of 40km school zones dutifully attended by lollipop crossing guards? Or would they simply hide away in the garage in case it rains? Surely there’s a halfway house between unbridled artistic mayhem and sensible design. At Hume, we’ve discovered the perfect compromise - it’s called the Icon Collection by Dieter Langer.

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    Reconnect with nature - Wood wall coverings by Gilford  

Humans have a primeval attachment to the forest, so it’s no surprise that more and more designers are turning to the natural warmth of wood. But timber is expensive and using wood in a large commercial space can limit the options available in your renovation. But now you can live out your dream of conducting business in a Nordic woodland setting or a steamy jungle dotted with snarling jaguars. How? Well it’s all possible through an amazing product that gives you great flexibility at a realistic price… the stunning collection of Wood-On-Walls by Gilford.

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    Digital Elements by Rasch Textil  

The world is an amazing place and designers are constantly tapping into its mysteries for inspiration. But what if you could break free of the human component? What if you could capture a scene and transport it directly into your living room or working space? The possibilities are endless - from windblown surf whipping up foam on a desolate shore - to the towering majesty of a modern cityscape rising up into the clouds. Now this fantasy is a reality through the digital mastery of Elements by Rasch. The collection features an impressive range of images captured by the world’s premier artists and photographers – so now you can create the perfect feature wall in your home or business.

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    Terry Clark Wallpaper legend  

When NASA wanted to recruit a fresh squadron of astronauts a few years ago, they made sure all the applicants were aware of the expectations. Their job ad featured the following line: “The position requires extensive travel. Possible destinations may include - but are not limited to - Texas, Florida, California, Russia, Kazakhstan, the International Space Station and the moon.” At Hume Internationale, all of our employees have thankfully remained on earth - and they know we expect the very best. That’s why we work with Terry Clark, our long-serving industry guru in the sunshine state.

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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