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    Brigitte Von Boch wallcoverings  

France has long been the world’s recognised epicentre of style and fashion. When it comes to classic interior design, nobody does it better than the French. But while some people are lucky enough to effortlessly assimilate all things French, others struggle in their attempts to become a practicing Francophile. Like me, they think that a Renault is a painting of flower pots, whilst a camembert is some kind of large furry animal with claws. They battle with the distinction between Eiffel and Trifle, between Veuve Clicquot and Neve Campbell. These days, however, bold pioneers are breaking down the great linguistic divide through the international language of interior design. All the hard work has been done for you, so now you can instantly transform turn your modest space into the Grand Palace Of Versailles. It all starts with the stunning Brigitte Von Boch Collection from Rasch-Textil.

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    IMO certified marine wallcoverings  

AquaMan might spend most of his time fighting off arch enemies Ocean Master and Black Manta, but he knows how to relax at the end of the day. When he surfaces at the marina and boards your vessel for a refreshing daiquiri, the last thing he wants to experience is sub-standard décor. Even if you’ve put your heart and soul into the salty nibbles and exotic dips, your party atmosphere may be anchored down by unsightly mildew or a drab interior. At Hume Internationale, we can help to restore your craft to its former glory using certified marine-safe wallcoverings that really hit the mark when it comes to durability and style. After all, even super heroes appreciate a safe and clean environment.

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    Whiteboard wallcoverings - ERASAWALL  

THINK BIG, not small. If you have a real and immediate need to let your creativity flow through the ink of a trusty marker pen, then we’ve got an amazing product that will really knock your socks off. ERASAWALL lets you turn your entire wall into a creative space, so you can write away for hours and still have plenty of room to expand your thoughts. By writing directly onto your walls, you have the perfect outlet for those spontaneous brainstorming sessions and a great place to flesh out your next big invention. And when you’re done you can simply wipe it clean and return the wall to its pristine condition. If you’re not familiar with this revolutionary product, we can fill in all the blanks.

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    Villanova wallcoverings deliver urban style  

Funky, Harmonious, Chic. And they’re just the names of your goldfish! If you have a passion for the modern world and are living in the here and now, what are you’re walls saying about you? It’s no good living out the urban creed when your home or business looks like a fifties diner. But how do you drag your space into today’s world without compromising style, texture and elegance? That’s easy. Take a strong stance for contemporary vogue and explore the exciting Villanova collection from Marburg.

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    Peter Brotherton- wallpaper legend  

Amazingly, it’s a sales manager. But not any sales manager. Peter Brotherton is the Sales Manager at Hume Internationale. We prefer to call him seasoned, rather than ancient. That’s a good thing too, because what he doesn’t know about wallpaper hasn’t been written yet. Peter has seen it all and remains joyously enthusiastic about the design possibilities that today’s wallpaper can bring to your next project. His expertise and passion are part of the extra service you get when dealing with Hume Internationale. We’re proud to have him, and he’s proud to be part of our great company.

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We love walls and we love what can be done for walls. The time has come: revolutionise the way we see walls, cover a wall today! - Mitch Walters
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