Myths Busted

Wallcoverings are a fashion item, put them up, pull them down, put something else up in its place. There is now no reason for walls to be dull again!

"Wallpaper" is surrounded by many myths mainly that its hard or it is not the "IT" thing. The market has already moved, if you are not engaged you need to catch up. Wall coverings are rapidly changing the face of Australian architecture and it is so easy to get going. All things are cyclical. Australia’s love affair with plain walls is waning, the gloom and uncertainty of the 20th century is being replaced by an explosion of designer led decoration trends as we embrace the 21st century and all it has to offer. Australia is at the cutting edge, consumers and businesses are innovating, feature wall design is back on everyone’s minds and Hume Internationale is at the forefront of industry trends, delivering way beyond expectation.

Hume Internationale wallcoverings busts wallpaper myths

Myth number 1: Some people will tell you wallpaper is not “it”

Look around wherever you turn the evidence is in plain sight: on TV; in magazines; on web sites; in display homes, walls are being covered with creative patterns and designs that bring rooms to life. Wallcoverings are everywhere! The minimalist plain wall is long gone. People want to design their walls, and contemporary wallcovering collections deliver in spades.

Myth Number 2: Wallpaper was big in the 70’s and only works in psychedelic colours, nanna prints or velour!

Wake up the ‘70’s were a long time ago! Were ipods invented then? Did you lie against the nanna prints talking on your mobile phone while you watched a favourite movie in blue ray? The shag pile is gone and wallpaper has evolved, the worlds most contemporary designers work all year round to bring you designs that will blow your mind. Get on board or get out of the way, walls will never be the same again.

Myth number 3: Some people will tell you wallpaper is hard to coordinate

Your first instinct is the best instinct: pick a colour, pick a fabric pattern, or pick a texture from your room before you start looking at our collections and we will have something that will meet the need. If you can’t find it on the site, contact us and we will find it for you. In most instances you will find something that appeals easily and quickly.

Myth number 4: Some people will tell you wallpaper is not attractive!

Anyone that says that is clearly wrong. Look around our site, you will find it hard to leave without buying something from one of our collections. Join our evangelists, if you find anyone that says wallpaper is not attractive, make them a bet, point to and collect your money. It’s a bet you cannot lose! Please note we only encourage safe gambling....

Myth Number 5: Some people will tell you wallpapering is hard!

I love this one. To be fair, wallpapering used to take some work, but like every other thing that exists on the planet today we have worked at it and made it dead easy. Vlies wallpaper put simply is a 3 step process. Paste the wall, cut paper to size and stick it on.

“If my 8 yr old son can use a glue stick then you can put wallpaper on a wall.”

Check this out, here is my 11 yr old son covering a wall. We didn't use any special tools, machines or magic, we just put it on with whatever was available in the kitchen cupboard.

Myth Number 6: Some people will tell you wallpaper cannot be removed

In the old days everything lasted forever, we had milk bottles made of glass, washing machines that never broke down, clothes that were handed on from child to child etc... In those days they used wallpaper glue that lasts, in some cases for a very long time... Now we live in a throwaway world, everything changes quickly, so we now have miraculous wallpaper glue that will keep wallcoverings on the wall and simply peel off the wall surface when you are ready to put the next one on!

Myth Number 7: Wallpaper can't be used in bathrooms or kitchens

I don't know where this one comes from but we get asked it all the time. Most modern wallpapers are made from vinyl, vinyl is the stuff people use on floors, furniture, records and even clothing. Vinyl repels water, is resistant to humidity, and is tough. Modern wallpaper correctly applied to a wall in a damp area will perform at least as well as any painted surface. In many instances wallpaper will outperform and outlast painted surfaces. So, apply wallpapers in any bathroom/kitchen areas whenever you want free of fear it will succumb to moisture. Note: our glues are eco friendly and water soluble, please ensure any wallpaper edge, directly exposed to water, is sealed using a silicon or some other form of sealant. This will ensure the integrity of the glue behind the wallpaper is maintained.

Wallcoverings are a fashion item, put them up, pull them down, put something else up in its place. There is now no reason for walls to be dull again!

Iris Maschek Dawn