Hume Innovation

We are the industry leaders in innovation. We are continually searching the world for new and innovative products, we design our own solutions to difficult issues and have solved many complex commercial problems in unique and different ways.

Making the simple complicated is commonplace, making the complicated simple, awesomely simple that’s creativity. Charles Mingus

Here is a quick peek at some of our innovations.

We need a colour, texture match!

Arts Centre Redevelopment

The Arts Centre Melbourne undertook a substantial repair program of their wall surfaces a number of years ago. We were contacted by an Agent for the organisation trying to source materials to match the existing wall covering who had been unable to find it anywhere. We examined the material, contacted our network of international suppliers, found a similar commercial grade product to the one that had been applied in Italy. We took a sample of the material from the site, put it through a colour matching process, had several hundred metres of the exact colour specifically produced and the product successfully applied to the repair.

Colour, texture, manufactured to exact specs, solution found!

I saw a hand drawn picture in a magazine and want it on an island wall in the Pacific Ocean!

Noumean Hotel redevelopment

An Australian based design group wanted to translate a hand painted picture in a magazine on to a commercial wallcovering, for a 245 room hotel fit out. 12 years ago digital printing was in its infancy and it was definitely not on wallcoverings. So we set out to prove it could be done. Utilising one of our American based suppliers we developed a set of lab samples, then using a local screen printer and mocked up enough of the design on paper to fit out one room. The samples and room passed the test, and we got the go ahead to manufacture; but that wasn’t the end of the story. We produced over 5000 lineal metres of fabric backed vinyl using specially designed rollers and then had to find away to get it there. Surprisingly, Noumea is not on the normal shipping routes so we couldn’t ship by sea. After hunting high and low we flew it in via NZ and delivered the product in full, on time, to the exact specifications.

Image manufactured and mounted, solution found!

I need to cover an ugly cinder block wall but don’t want the expense of plaster board...

University renovation

In the late 90’s an architectural firm, in charge of a Melbourne university refit, contacted us with a strong desire to find away to hide an ugly cinder block wall using wallcoverings. We supplied heavy duty Patent Decor paintable pattern 9769. The wall was pasted, the product hung, subsequently painted, and is still standing today! The solution was quickly and efficiently applied, and delivered significant cost savings versus any of the alternatives.

New paintable wallcovering, problem solved!

My heritage dome is falling apart and I don’t know what to do?

State Library rennovation

Architects in charge of the State Library - Victoria renovation contacted us to find a solution to the badly cracked wattle and daub surface in the dome. These surfaces are difficult and expensive to repair. We sourced a product from South Africa; one of the few products in the world capable of efficiently restoring strength to the dome surface, and ensuring the repair is fixed permanently the first time. CRAKGON was installed by professional painters and more than 10 years later the dome cracks have not returned.

Problem fixed once and permanently!

The kids not getting the attention they deserve

Wallpaper and Borders for children

Believe it or not there was a time not long ago when children specific wallpaper and border books were not available anywhere in Australia. The category simply didn’t exist. Recognising the problem we scoured our supplier network to come up with a solution. There were some patterns tucked away inside standard collections but we had to look hard to find children’s related products. The result led to the creation of a range of wallpapers and borders specifically for children. This launched the category in Australia before we then took the market one step further with Stikarounds.

The kids were looked after, solution found!

The wallcovering alphabet stopped at C!

The Stikarounds revolution

Under the traditional wallpaper repeat patterns and roll width’s children could never have borders that extend beyond the letters ABC. At the time we launched children’s wallpaper books, there were various individual things you could stick on the wall with paste, but none that were peel and stick, nor any that sought to provide a border like experience for children. So we involved an English designer [from the advertising industry] who had a product called Slapsticks [you had to wet the back of the product to activate the glue] to come up with a peel and stick product that could provide a room sized “border” equivalent, set of stickers. Initially we wanted to bring the range to life with the full alphabet and numbers 1 to 10; the two elements mothers sought for baby’s rooms that wallcoverings could not support. The result was the Stikaround range; we launched the alphabet first, then numbers, and then moved into licenced characters like Paddington Bear. The product was launched nationally through all retail chains and became the success that launched the wall sticker category. The unique Stikaround product allows images to be applied without glue and removed over and over again from any smooth surface, walls, doors, windows, furniture etc...without effort, even after years.

The wallcovering alphabet now goes to Z! The Wall sticker category was invented and a solution found!

I have to put this stuff on and then pull it off over and over again.


Enter the shopfitter who specialises in kitchen and bathroom display centres. He had been using Patent Decor paintables for some time to complement the displays but had a deeper problem. Every time he changed a display he had to remove tiles from composite board before laying new tiles. We suggested laying heavy duty Patent Decor paintables underneath the tiles. Now when he has to remove the tiles he simply grabs a corner and peels the paintable and tiles away in one swift action.

Time and energy saved, a difficult process made simple. Solution found!

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