Patent Decor - Paintables

Get the job done with a difference.

Whether you’re an architect, an interior or commercial retail designer, or in charge of any commercial project you’ll love this new breakthrough product. It is suitable for all projects no matter how big or small and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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What is it?

Patent Décor paintables is the modern and creative alternative to traditional paint effect products. It is a non-woven three dimensional paintable wall covering that comes in over 100 textures offering completely new possibilities for wall design. Combine paint and Patent Decor for great effect. This innovative design solution that is simple and cost efficient not only transforms but repairs walls so it’s a win, win for everyone.

How does it work?

Patent décor is applied to the wall and then painted in any colour, providing an ideal medium for traditional painting systems such as enamelling, marbleizing, washing, dabbing, sprinkling or gliding. The walls become unique works of art. The non-woven material is stable, does not stretch or shrink and, therefore can be applied without soaking time. Small imperfections in the wall structure can be easily covered. Patent Décor can be dry stripped from the wall for re-decorating.

Create an effect to cause a stir

  • You can use it to decorate an existing surface or cover a new surface
  • It comes in one colour – white
  • Will create a feature wall in any texture and paint colour you select
  • Creates a designer look and feel for DIY prices
  • It’s easy to apply and easy to renovate
  • It’s sold worldwide with outstanding success.

It’s safe to use

Patent Décor is non-irritating, does not contain glass fibres, and is environmentally friendly. It allows for creative room composition.

It’s in a class of it’s own

Patent Décor is a world-class product, developed and refined over 20 years, achieving outstanding sales results in Europe, US and Asia. The Patent Decor range is the market leader in its category representing over 50% of product sales worldwide and there’s over 120 textured designs to choose from.

It’s easy all the way

Easy to apply

  • Clean the wall surface
  • Apply glue to the wall
  • Apply the product to the wall, product will easily move to achieve the best possible placement
  • Vlies structure means product won’t swell or shrink
  • Product design and strength when combined with paint will banish hairline cracks and repair damaged or mildewed surfaces.

Easy to paint and the ultimate result is only limited by your imagination.

  • Any paint can be applied to the surface
  • Paint and Patent Decor can be combined for dramatic effect. See the video below, note we make no apologies for the soundtrack, YouTube is everyone's own personal expression engine and these guys love that music.

Easy to remove simply peel off!

  • Must be applied to a sealed surface, will not work on raw plasterboard
  • no residue
  • original surface is retained undamaged.

For your next project try Patent Décor Paintables

This product really is one of a kind. It allows you creative freedom without the fuss. It’s so easy to use no matter how large or small a project might be. It’s perfect for shop fit out’s, building refits, office design and hotel décor to name a few. Best of all the results are sure to create an effect with a difference. Don’t miss out on the next big thing in paint, check out the Patent Décor Paintable range today. Click here more information on the product's technical capabilties.