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    Commercial Fabrics

    Fabrics that are up for the tough stuff

    Commercial strength fabrics and upholsteries using vinyl, leather and fibre matrix materials, fire rated to top Australian standards in a high quality, wide, diverse range of patterns and textures are available for your next commercial job now.

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    Commercial Wall Coverings

    For walls that demand more...

    Fabric or paper backed vinyl, clay or paper backed veneers. Commercial properties utilise wallcoverings for their long wearing, durable, protective qualities. Commercial grade wallcoverings efficiently extend the life of wall surfaces, can be designed to practically any look or feel and are easy to apply and remove.

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    CRAKGON® Surface Repair

    Paint it on, cracks are gone...

    CRAKGON® is the ultimate trade tool! A single layer of CRAKGON® and paint offers an impermeable, highly abrasion resistant, hygienic, long lasting protection barrier. It permanently repairs internal and external surface damage, prevents humidity related problems, and provides dimensional stability to paint film. Simply paint it on and cracks vanish for 10 years or more!

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    Belbien Architectural Film

    The new guy in surface design!

    Belbien Architectural Film - is an outstanding commercial grade material for refurbishments, fit-outs, and overhauls! It represents a new, innovative approach to surface design.

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    Digital Wall Coverings

    If you can imagine it, do it now...

    Schweppes transformed this space at Flemington. Designers are now personalising dormant wall or glass spaces with advertising, marketing, motivational or corporate imaging messages. Stunning floor to ceiling graphics created from original artwork or image libraries faithfully reproduced on contract wall coverings breathe life into blank walls.

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    rapoxy® Wallpaper for Floors

    Ever wanted to walk on walls? Now you can!

    Designed for interior use, extremely resistant, brilliantly innovative Rasch and epoxy combine to create Rapoxy wallpaper for floors. This combination of wall design, floor epoxy and Rasch’s diverse wallpaper range produces fantastic creative possibilities for hotels, hallways, shops, offices etc. in ways previously unimaginable.

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    Patent Decor - Paintables

    The ultimate paint effect...

    Patent Decor - paintables take paint to the next level. Select from over 100 textures, and any paint colour imaginable, to create unique works of art. Paint and Patent Decor combine for dramatic effect, suitable for many different commercial uses.

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Commercial Wall Coverings

Wallcoverings bring harmony to chaos, rest to agitation, energy to space. How do you want to exercise your walls today?

Step into our commercial design studio and explore the many and varied exercise possibilities below.

Alice Jeans room image from Marburg

If you want to design, texture, protect, or repair commercial surfaces, we have all you need.

We source the best product from all over the world to meet the specific needs of Australian architects, designers, and builders. Our diverse product range extends from high end commercial fabric backed vinyl wall coverings and associated fabrics and upholsteries, through to digital wall coverings, the exciting new Rapoxy; wallpaper for floors, and associated surface repair products, such as CRAKGON®.

If you want it to last, you want it “commercial”

Commercial wallcoverings are used to enhance the interiors of offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, retail stores, marine craft, aviation terminal areas/facilities and any other public spaces. Our endless commercial wallcovering ranges provide a mix of stunning colours, innovative-designs, outstanding finishes and unique product features. The range offers all this, while also dramatically enhancing the durability of wall surfaces.

Let’s talk about “commercial”

Commercial is anywhere in need of a hard wearing durable innovative wall surface. This product is used in office fit outs; hotels [hospitality]; hospitals and care facilities [health care]; shops [retail]; and from ferries to cruise ships [marine].

The range possibilities are endless

We have literally thousands of colours and textural permutations available in our existing commercial collections, or you can access the latest digital technology to create your own unique wall design on our commercial grade wallcoverings.

Click on the images below to explore a very small sample of the commercial ranges available to you through Hume Internationale or scroll down to read more about our commercial products.

Commercial grade product is available in many different surface types


This wallpaper suits the broadest range of purposes. It can be thin, smooth, thick, distinctly textured. Being a very elastic material, vinyl can imitate different materials and finishings. The solid vinyl decorative surface is very durable making it ideal for most commercial areas.

  • Fabric Backed Vinyl. A fabric substrate laminated to a solid vinyl surface.
  • Paper Backed Vinyl. A paper substrate laminated to a solid vinyl surface.


Continuous, flexible, rolled wallcoverings manufactured using organic materials: They can be nonwoven, woven or bonded finishes with or without a substrate/backing.

  • Grass Cloth - woven native grasses bonded to a paper substrate.
  • Jute - woody fibres, such as flax, jute, hemp, and ramie, which are obtained from the inner bark of plant stems- woven into a flexible wallcovering.
  • Silk -A natural filament fibre produced by the silkworm in the construction of its cocoon.
  • Wood surfaces – natural wood veneers like clay backed veneers; paper backed veneers.

Polyolefin/Synthetic Textile

Woven and non-woven wallcoverings developed to give the aesthetic appearance of a natural textile while adding an increased value in stain and abrasion resistance. These products are generally put up with an acrylic or paper backing. Many of these products are comprised of polyolefin yarns, which are olefin fibres made from polymers or copolymers of propylene. These types of wallcoverings are appropriate for higher traffic areas.

  • Nonwoven – textile wallcovering using 100% solution dyed, short/staple fibres mechanically interlocked into a continuous structure, then finished with a heatset, latex back to ensure fibre lock. This material is soft, flexible and acoustically absorbent, yet suitable for high-traffic areas. Its “self-healing” nature makes it ideal for tackable walls while its excellent pill/fuzz resistance makes it velcro compatible.
  • Woven – a textile wallcovering which is transparent and enables the sound to pass through the textile, while generally being absorbed by a backerboard underneath the textile. Manufactured using continuous yarns woven perpendicular (90 degrees) to one another –warp/length and weft/width- similar to a grid pattern.


Patent Decor from Marburg 2711

Thin, lightweight, but very strong non-woven textiles made from manmade fibres/yarns. The textured surfaces are all white designed for painting. Our Patent Decor range leads the market worldwide and offers a selection of over 100 different textures including the recently released 3D range with dramatically increased texture depth. Paint and Patent Decor combine for dramatic effect. Click here to read more about the world class Patent Decor range.

Extended protective coatings and performance benefits

We also provide you with access to extended protective coatings and performance benefits not previously imaginable. The options available today ensure there is no excuse for wall spaces to be dull again:


Newmor Digital ImageThe digital revolution now puts you in control. Access the endless range possibilities available through our international supplier network or create your own any design, any idea can be translated onto commercial grade borders, murals and wallcoverings quickly and simply. Digital Wallcoverings allow you the freedom to express any theme, style or design. Click here to read more about the endless digital possibilities.


These wallcoverings are specifically engineered to absorb sound energy. Designed for use on vertical surfaces, panels, operable walls and any place sound reduction is a primary factor such as meeting rooms, offices, theaters, auditoriums, restaurants as well as corridors and elevator lobbies. These products are predominantly made of man-made polyester and olefin fibers, and are tested for a special sound absorption rating known as a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NCR) rating. This rating indicates the amount of sound absorbed into the wall. Explore our collections now.

Electromagnetic shielding

Wallcoverings used in commercial applications to reduce the amount of electromagnetic interference associated with many industrial applications such as computer rooms.


Wallcoverings infused with charcoal particles which act as a natural deodorizer.

Glow in the dark

Create a funky black light environment with fluorescent wallpaper.

Metallic or organic

Imagine the impact of real copper or mica flakes.

Going “commercial” will transform your inner environment

Creative, tactile, innovative wallcoverings stimulate the senses and transform environments: breathing life into dull office spaces; vibrancy into retail outlets; protection into heavy duty traffic areas; wall design into hotels and the list goes on. There is no excuse for walls to be dull again.

And maintain the integrity of your designs

Mood and style are all important, but it’s the durability, scuff resistance and cleanability of wallcoverings that enables you to maintain the integrity of your design, not to mention your walls.

Take a closer look....

Transform an “office” into a dynamic, creative, stimulating environment!

Newmor catalogue image - office environmentToday’s commercial environments demand more. From new builds to single office refurbishments, architects, designers and builders are now, more than ever, focused on aesthetic and performance considerations, creating interiors that reflect not just corporate branding, but company values and ethos. With infinite combinations of design, colour, tone and texture, we can help you create spaces that inspire - that clients and employees thrive in. Add to this the durability and acoustic solutions that only a wallcovering can provide, together with the creative possibilities of digital wallcoverings™, and you’ll realise why such a broad spectrum of household names including HSBC, Avis, NatWest, GlaxoSmithKline, Barclays, Financial Times, Lloyds TSB and Jaguar have selected our products.

Set the hospitality mood...

Newmor matrix hotel room imageWallcoverings allow you to create environments people want to relax in and spaces full of energy. The art of wall design can do so many things - the choice is yours. Whether the project calls for unique designs, digital walls, creative artwork, sumptuous settings or subtle flavours, we have solutions that will energise or calm hospitality spaces. Our product has been supplied to hotel chains all over the world: The InterContinental Hotels Group, Hilton, Marriott, Radisson and Sheraton chains to name just a few.

Find the new edge in retail.

Rapoxy room image - wallpaper for floorsShopping is an experience. All retail environments want to create spaces people love to shop in. Wall design is an intricate part of the process, the commercial products we use have been installed in retail centres worldwide. The creativity now available at your fingertips, is limitless. The new Rapoxy: wallcovering floors offers transformative space dimensions for retail centre and shop designers. Click here to read more about this exciting innovation.

Keep your hospital surfaces healthy!

Newmor protection properties - hospital strength

The healthcare environment is particularly demanding on walls. Our product surfaces have been engineered to withstand exceptionally high: impact, abrasion, traffic volumes and frequent cleaning. Able to avoid most staining, our vinyl wallcoverings can be scrubbed or washed down with mild detergents and dilute chlorine releasing agents. The range options include:

Resistant to detergents, scrubbable, and compliant with all international standards, our wallcoverings are found in a wide range of private and public hospitals, care homes, day care centres and surgeries - worldwide.

Marine certified wallcoverings!

IMO crestOur UK manufacturing facility has “Works Approval Certification” for the production of Fabric Backed Vinyls in accordance with IMO Marine Certification. This means that all our Fabric Backed wallcoverings can be manufactured to conform to the requirements of IMO marine certification. Note: it is common practice to submit “Type Approval Certification” in advance of production, but, as each new batch requires individual certification, the “Declaration Of Conformity To Type” will follow after production. We understand the unique demands of the marine sector and the requirements for full marine certification.

Wallcoverings bring harmony to chaos, rest to agitation, energy to space. How do you want to exercise your walls today?

Marburg CaroKaro room set