Wallcoverings outpace the mobile phone

Today’s wallcoverings come in every colour, every texture and every style

Wall silk V by Rasch Textil

Think back. When you meandered through your lime green and burnt orange kitchen as a child, I bet you formed a pretty strong opinion about wallpaper. Just like kerosene heaters, macramé bikinis and the stylus on your Marantz high-fidelity stereo system, wallpaper looked doomed to stalk the backblocks of history. We fell in love with wallpaper in the 1970s, got into a rocky relationship in the 1980s and eventually split up in the 1990s. Paint was back in charge and we splashed buckets of it everywhere. Natural light became our friend and large monochrome walls reigned supreme all over the world. Then something amazing started to happen. Designers began to dabble with wallcoverings in an attempt to break free of the sterility that had become the norm. Simple plains and stripes began to creep onto feature walls because they offered something that paint has always struggled with over the years… texture.

Wall Silk V by Rasch Textil

Simply looking at your walls was no longer enough, people started to touch them, run their fingers over them and place bold furnishings in front of them. All this experimentation could have ended swiftly and without much fanfare, but modern manufacturing techniques came to the party. Suddenly it became possible to imbue wallcoverings with carefully planned stylistic embellishments and subtle design characteristics.

They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself - Andy Warhol

World class designers began to take notice and truly innovative partnerships have now been forged. Today wallpaper is back and creativity rules the day. Soft pastel prints have sprung to life with embossed feature motifs. Bold geometry and gradient effects have replaced traditional approaches to the medium and a new era of high-tech manufacturing has produced a flood of ground-breaking designs. The world of wallcoverings is now replete with metallic sheens, embedded crystals, hologram foils, tone-on-tone tactile patterns and an amazing ability to mirror other materials such as wood, marble and even concrete.

Harald Glookler by Marburg

The evolution continues with 3D paintable surfaces and the explosion of digital imagery, creating an infinite range of possibilities for every wall on the planet. Wallcoverings are even finding their way onto the floor and into key outdoor spaces. At Hume Internationale, we have been there every step of the way. We know wallpaper, plus we have a stunning range of products and expertise to help bring your walls to the party. You really can take advantage of the gob-smacking evolution of modern wallcoverings. So go for it. In the words of Michael Hutchence “the 21st Century's yesterday”. Give us a call today on (03) 9335 6711 or explore the website now.

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