Vatos wallpapers set the pace

It’s time to TNKOB (think outside the box), so check out this NKOTB (new kid on the block)

Vatos wallpaper collection

Vatos Wallcoverings is the new kid on the block and what a tremendous debut! The organisation is led by Sonny Wamback, the creative genius behind prestigious Belgian brands Omexco and Arte. Now he’s turned his talents to a new collection that’s at the cutting edge of modern design. Vatos seeks to combine old and new techniques with a self-styled ‘think outside the box’ philosophy. The company is actively seeking to set itself apart from the more traditional brands by bringing together a group of young artists and technical specialists each with their own particular expertise. The results are stunning, with a wellspring of inspiration drawn from every day life and an artistic treatment that delivers new structures and designs.

Vastos wallpaper collection - Elements

Vatos sits comfortably at the intersection of function and beauty, perfectly fusing the finer techniques of screen and digital printing with waterbased inks and ecological substrates. Many products on the market aspire to be hallmarks of the 21st Century, but how many really succeed? Vatos has created five collections that belong unmistakably in the here and now.


Vatos wallpaper collection - ceram

The Ceram Collection is based on the ancient technique of ceramics. The patterns have been carefully crafted using inspiration from aged tiles and pottery fragments, then thoroughly reinvented using innovative production techniques. This collection is many things at once… it’s time-honoured but contemporary, it’s clean-cut but lush. The Ceram Collection gives a sly wink to the past, but runs express to the future.


Vatos wallpaper collection - elements

The Elements Collection is closer to nature, but not so close that you get your nose wet. The collection draws on the four elements of water, fire, air and earth. Starting there, it subsequently diverges through many artistic treatments to emerge as a seductive array of shapes and shades that are jaw-dropping when matched with contemporary lighting.


Vatos wallpaper collection - metro

The Metro Collection is about penthouse living, champagne bubbles and geometric precision. By playing with contoured shapes, filters, reflections and colours, the collection has evolved into a high-end wallcovering created for those who value style and sophistication in a modern setting.


Vatos wallpaper collection - bronze

The Bronze Collection is a tribute to this highly prized metal alloy, so vital to the jewellery and sculptures of antiquity. The collection uses metallic and oxidised effects to refract light in a subtle yet alluring way, making it the perfect choice for today’s classic settings.


Vatos wallpaper collection - Contour

The Contour Collection is founded in the science of lines and movement. Every composition is a gateway to an infinite repeating pattern, creating a sense of endlessness that enables you to cut your room loose from its moorings to float on a sea of clean crisp design. Hume Internationale can help you explore all the possibilities. So if you’re looking for a suite of wallcoverings that’s modish and affordable, explore the fresh new collections from Vatos. Give us a call today on (03)93356711 or check the collections out here.

Vatos wallpaper collection - Elements

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