Hume Internationale have outlasted most

Ten reasons why you should call on us to make your dreams come true

1 – We lead the industry in innovation.

At Hume Internationale, we don’t stand still for very long. We travel the world to find the best products at the right price. We offer digital solutions that put you in total control so that you can make the most of your residential or commercial space.

2 – We stand by what we say we will do.

Make a promise, keep it. Sounds simple enough, but companies that are too big break promises all the time, whilst companies that are too small just can’t keep them. We are masters at flexibility, it’s built into our business model and we support each other 100%. It’s the Hume Internationale way, it’s one of the key reasons why we can deliver a better customer experience every time.

3 – We bring you the best in the world.

Hume Internationale didn’t form its supplier base through pot luck. We have spent literally decades seeking out the most innovative and responsive manufacturers that deliver a breathtaking range of wallcoverings. We have access to the best European suppliers such as Marburg and Rasch. We have a great relationship with long established American suppliers such as Brewster, plus ongoing ties with renowned UK manufacturer Newmor.

4 – We make it simple for our customers.

Reinventing your walls can be time consuming and frustrating if you attempt it alone. By partnering with Hume, you can avoid the pitfalls and get straight to the heart of the matter. You want great customer service, plenty of options and a quality outcome delivered on time and within budget? We can give you all that plus something else, a journey that’s pleasant and hassle-free

5 – We have everything you need.

At Hume, we understand that every building is unique and every building comes with its own particular challenges. Our product range spans period charm, high-end style, snakeskin chic, rustic beauty, high tech surfaces, simple wood-on-walls, unique murals, digital designs, kid smart décor, marine surfaces, geometric designs, plains and stripes and everything in between. We can even wallpaper floors!

6 – We have the experience.

Hume Internationale has been supplying quality wallcoverings since the 1970’s. We have a proven reputation for working creatively with clients to meet all kinds of commercial and residential challenges. We’ve seen every type of building and every type of surface. We have crossed the great divide from Saturday Night Fever to Gangnam Style.

7 – We have the expertise.

At Hume we believe that people are the beginning, middle and end of any business. Our people separate us from the pack, they have the capacity to lift your spirits with their skill and expertise. Our people are true to their word and they are ready to make your project a real success story.

8 – We have the passion.

We love wallcoverings. Always have, always will. We’ve seen first hand how they’ve evolved from the beige manifestations at your nanna’s house to highly stylised cutting edge tools for the modern home or business. World class designers have turned their attention to your walls and we can help you reap the rewards.

9 – We live the dream.

Perhaps it was tennis legend John Newcombe who said “if you’re Australian and you lose, you better come off the court with blood all over you!” We fight for your dreams, mostly without blood loss, but we always take pride in our ability to overcome every challenge. If you have a dream, we live that dream.

10 – We want you to be the best you can.

At Hume, we believe in you. This may sound dramatic for a bunch of people who love wallcoverings, but we want you to be the best you can. Whether you are striving for domestic bliss or taking on the world in business, we have the products and the people to make it all happen for you. Give us a call today on (03) 9335 6711 or get into the website now!

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