Harald Glookler one of Marburg’s finest wallpaper collections

Wallpaper for every aspiring prince and princess

Harald Glookler wallpaper collection by Marburg

The Harald Glööckler Collection is not for the faint-hearted. He mounts a white horse and drags you back into an era of Russian monarchy, vodka-fuelled extravagance and plush interiors that spell affluence and power. It’s an odd phenomenon – by retreating into the past he has spawned a glorious interpretation of opulence and royalty that sits at the forefront of modern design.

The Russian empire and its history has always stimulated my imagination. So we set out to make the most extraordinary and pompous wallpapers of all time. After all, every woman deserves to be a princess - Harald Glööckler

Harald Glookler wallpaper collection by Marburg

Royal Blue wallpapers carry circular impressions and spectacular golden applications, complemented by blood red panels that look magnificent against faux-ermine coats and brassy jewellery. Black leopard-skin prints sprawl like a web of velvet, accentuated by audacious golden bows, silver angel wings and pompous crowns. Light-filled rooms can simply burst at the seams when adorned with crisp white wallpapers that carry delicate silver accents and a repeat pattern of elegant tassels. Want a different effect? Try a sumptuous infusion of pure gold with baroque patterns set against a carefully selected chaise-longue.

Harald Glookler wallpaper collection by Marburg

Why hold back? Mix and match all of these wonderful styles and throw in a few peacock feathers, a silver armchair and a couple of hand-carved eagles shouldering antique wall-tables. You have reached the intersection of reality and imagination, where the lines are blurred and flamboyance rules the day. It’s a land of iridescent pigments and meticulous etchings, striking contrasts and old world charm, daring statements and historical influences brought to life through precision manufacturing.

Harald Glookler by Marburg

The Harald Glööckler Collection sets you free to dream. By holding back nothing, the collection provides the inspiration for a complete overhaul of your furnishings, clothing, objets d’art and even your lifestyle. If you dare to take the plunge, you will be rewarded with a fresh start in a land of fantasy and splendour that makes jaws drop when they enter your abode. So find a drawbridge, dig a moat, stock up on retro bling and transform your home into a palace. Hume Internationale can help you complete this dramatic transformation. Give us a call today on (03) 9335 6711 or take a seat in the collection here.

harald Glookler wallpaper collection by Marburg

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