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Blog it: Zeitlberger wall mural from Marburg

De Ploeg an outstanding fabric manufacturer with an amazing history

Want woven textiles, need De Ploeg!

One of Hollands hidden secrets: De Ploeg is an outstanding manufacturer or woven textiles. Be it upholstery or curtain fabrics you will love the look, feel and quality of De Ploeg fabrics.

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Merry Xmas!

Merry Xmas! Feliz Navidad...

Xmas only comes once a year so we wanted to celebrate the season in song! Thankyou all for your support throughout the year. For all those who have experienced the many cries of help from investors in the Nigerian bank, the purveyors of the many lost and forgotten Chinese products and the charms of the Russian bride community this is not one of these. Click through the link below, settle back and enjoy the tones of Walk Off The Earth celebrating Christmas in Hume style.


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Belbien film goes anywhere at anytime

Belbien architectural film will transform hopsital surfaces without fuss

Belbien architectural film will quickly and easily transform any surface. Check out this hopsital installation video by Peter Wilding.

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Vatos wallpapers set the pace

Vatos Wallcoverings - European style that’s so right for now

Belgium makes over 800 different beers and churns out 200,000 tons of chocolate every year. Sounds like they know what they’re doing on the gastronomic scene - but they are also making waves in the constantly evolving world of interior design. The Vatos Collection is a fresh and stylish interpretation for your walls, a range that makes full use of fine artisan skills to draw on the past and dive headlong into the future.

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Harald Glookler one of Marburg’s finest wallpaper collections

Turn your suburban pad into a Russian Castle with Harald Glööckler

There’s retro, then there’s retro-retro-retro. There’s nothing subtle about the work of Harald Glööckler, the eccentric fashion designer and artistic all-rounder who challenges conventions from his base in Europe. He wants to grab your jaded suburban plot, turn it upside down and transform it into a magnificent Russian Castle. His wallcoverings are bold statements that are lavishly crafted for maximum effect and lovingly embellished with the hallmarks of monarchy and aristocracy.

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Outstanding commercial buildings demand amazing finishes

The ambience in your commercial space can bring you lots of joy – and dollars

Got a commercial space? It would be nice to think that your customers are very forgiving and even semi-conscious when it comes to your décor. The reality is that when they enter a commercial space, they are entering a kind of war zone. Every detail has to be carefully planned, delivered within budget and executed with ruthless precision. Hume Internationale can give you a great head start when it comes to this vital competitive edge.

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Hume Internationale have outlasted most

Hume Internationale stands like the pyramids, thinks like a super computer

Hume Internationale has a long and remarkable history. We have weathered storms, climbed many mountains and made lifelong friends all in the name of quality wallcoverings and better customer service. We have a passion for interior design and the joy of living, we embrace change and make it work for both you and us. So here’s just ten reasons why you should turn to us for your next project.

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Wallcoverings outpace the mobile phone

The world at your fingertips – the evolution of modern wallcoverings

Life’s too short not to take a look around every now and then. Look around the place where you live, the place where you work. Can it be better? Can it be transformed into something really special? Start with your walls and think out loud… can I take this space to a much better place? Yes you can, because wallcoverings have evolved, just like telegrams have evolved into Twitter.

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Vatos Wallcoverings have arrived at Hume Internationale

Its time for change. Hume Internationale is very excited to announce a new manufacturing partnership with Vatos Wallcoverings!

For a long time the Australian retail market has striven for success utilising a small mix of largely German and US manufacturers. It is time for change. We have recently undertaken a search for a range of new manufacturing partnerships the key criteria for selection were: innovation in design, outstanding value, commitment to excellence, and high quality materials. Vatos is the first new manufacturing partnership we have undertaken in a long time and will be one of a number launched this year.

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Kids World wallpaper collection by Brewster

Kids will take control of their walls with Kids world by Brewster!

They yell, they jump, they laugh, they cry, they race around the place like crazy baboons. We all love our kids, but do we pay the same attention to their rooms? Kids like to have their own space and it’s important that they feel comfortable and happy when they use it. Hume Internationale can help you make the most out of your kid’s space. You’ll need a wallpaper collection that’s bright and cheerful, flexible and robust. Sounds like you need Kids World, the upbeat wallpaper collection from Brewster.

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